8 Helpful Products Every Well-Stocked Car Has

Eating a Meal

While essentially everyone has eaten food in one way or another while operating a vehicle, eating a full meal while driving is never a good idea. As mundane as eating is as an activity, it still requires a certain degree of focus and concentration to handle. When a person is driving, all of their mindpower should be dedicated to the task at hand. The severity of a potential automotive accident is enough to back this up. For everyone’s best interests, it’s advised that drivers wait until the car is safely parked before indulging on a meal.

Using the Cell Phone Freely

Even to this day, some drivers still use their cell phones while driving as if they were in the living room, sitting on a couch in front for a TV. Drivers need to remember that driving is an incredibly fast-paced, incredibly demanding act. A single slip of a driver’s concentration and multiple people can be severely injured in the blink of an eye. No phone call - albeit, no phone usage of any sort - warrants the risks involved in a driver taking his or her eyes off the road, if only for a few short moments.

Deal With a Wandering Insect

This one will largely depend on the driver in question and how sensitive he or she is to the presence of bugs. However, it’s common for most drivers to essentially freak out as soon as they discover that a bug is currently buzzing in the car along with them. In the worst of these cases, drivers discover the bug (which could be anything from a spider to a wasp) in the car with them as the vehicle is in full motion, potentially even on the highway. The driver will then proceed to panic openly, swerving the car left and right in an attempt to take care of the insect. By panicking click here and completely relinquishing control, the driver instantly poses a threat to him or herself as well as everyone else in the immediate vicinity. In any case, if a bug drifts into the car, it’s best to hold one’s breath for a while as a safe parking spot is promptly located.


It doesn’t matter if the Orange County driver is sporting a Nissan 370z or a Toyota Camry; racing anywhere outside of a designated race track is extremely dangerous, not to mention entirely illegal. Of course, many drivers know this, but vehicle racing being such a big subcultural phenomenon, they tend to risk being caught anyway. If at any point a driver is tempted to race with another vehicle, it’s best to shut that impulse out, keep tempting thoughts in check, and continue driving with respect to the rules of the road.

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